Humanities & Social Science

The University of Duisburg-Essen has defined Change of Contemporary Societies as one of its main research areas. Researchers study the rapid, flexible, and transitory changes affecting society while addressing the consequences social change has on existing structures of political legitimacy and participation. The expertise of the researchers – who include political scientists, sociologists, economists, psychologists, and educational researchers – is broad, interdisciplinary, and global in scope.


 KWI Essen

The Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, KWI) in Essen represents a cluster of excellent interdisciplinary research in the humanities and the social and cultural sciences. As an inter-university think tank of the Ruhr Universities, it collaborates closely with the UA Ruhr Universities (as well as with other regional, national, and international partners), yet it maintains its own research profile. The institute currently focuses on collective memory, the cultural diversity of global citizenship, social responsibility, and the cultural aspects of climate change.



The Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) is a place of innovative and interdisciplinary research and a forum for the active exchange of ideas between science and society. Researchers from a diverse range of disciplines as well as practitioners in the field can carry out individual or joint cross-disciplinary projects in the vast field of digitalization and internet research. A modern infrastructure and ample opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking provide an optimal working environment. The three programs at CAIS, the Fellow, Project and Event programs, make it possible to tailor any stay from a weekend workshop to a six-month fellowship plus an international conference to the requirements and the individual needs of the participants.