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The University of Bochum was nominated for Germany's highest academic honor due to its innovative, interdisciplinary graduate research school - making into round two of the 'Excellence Initiative' and a strong contender in Germany's Ivy League.

Founded in 1965, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) was the first university founded in post-war West Germany. Since its foundation, RUB has rapidly grown and provided the Ruhr area with vital intellectual leadership in its post-war period of transition.

Today, over 31,000 students study at RUB, served by 6,000 dedicated faculty members and staff.

With 20 faculties offering more than 45 undergraduate programs and 65 graduate programs, the Ruhr-Universität offers a complete spectrum of study. Students are able to create their own innovative curricula combining subjects and courses from these different fields. Research at Bochum is varied and rich, stretching from neuroscience, plasma technology, medical technology and computer science, all the way to the study of Shakespeare. The Ruhr Universität is an internationally known center of excellence in the areas of “Life Sciences,” “Life Technologies” and “Global Change.” The university’s interdisciplinary approach to research is also reflected in its international Graduate Schools for young researchers, notably the International Graduate School of Neuroscience and the Graduate School for Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Unlike many older universities in Germany, the Ruhr-Universität has a designated university campus. Everything is within walking distance – lecture halls, library, cafeteria or the Arts Center. In total, this creates a close-knit, innovative and culturally-diverse community.

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  • 31,000 students
  • 6000 staff 
  • 4500 international students

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Tuition Fees
  Tuition is 500 Euro per semester. There is also a student fee of 160 Euro, which will give you a season ticket for the public transportation network of the Ruhr area.
Credit Transfer
  Will my credits transfer?
All of Bochum's degree programmes are part the internationally compatible Bachelors and Masters system.  Bochum uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which is compatible with the American credit system. Inquire with your university's registrar's office for semester-based credit transfer forms. 
Research Strengths
  • Systems chemistry
  • Neuroscience
  • Sustainable infrastructure engineering
  • Plasma science
  • Structural systems biology and molecular medicine
  • Materials science
  • Global change
  • IT Security

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