What we offer

The mission of UA Ruhr New York is to facilitate and promote innovative transatlantic collaborations in research and education between the UA Ruhr Universities and partners in North America in science and engineering, social sciences and the humanities. Our liaison office enhances and expands cutting-edge international research and education opportunities for researchers and students and their collaborating partners to assist in extending programs throughout the Ruhr region and in North America, and ultimately help them develop solutions for global challenges. 

The UA Ruhr New York office promotes innovative transatlantic collaboration in research and education among the three UA Ruhr universities and academic partners in North America. We leverage our strengths in science and engineering, social sciences, and the humanities, and create unique opportunities for international academic cooperation.
We assist in extending programs throughout the Ruhr region and in North America, and ultimately help develop solutions for global challenges.

If you would like to plan an event with us, please download our Application for Collaboration and mail the completed form to office[at]uaruhr.org.

Internship and research opportunities for students in Germany and North America

The UA Ruhr and academic institutions in North America maintain a number of partnerships to support and foster exchange of students and researchers. Contact us about your specific needs and interests.

Research partnerships and event planning

UA Ruhr New York is located at the German Consulate New York City. We have excellent facilities (conference and meeting rooms, auditorium, restaurant) available for various types of events, including workshops, panel discussions, lectures, and exhibits.

Degree programs or study abroad summer internships

UA Ruhr New York participates in a number of career fairs and international conferences where we can advertise your program and help you attract students. We are also happy to post those opportunities on our website.

Funding opportunities

UA Ruhr New York has contacts to funding agencies in North America and Germany and can help you identify a program that meets your needs.

Transatlantic business partner

UA Ruhr New York has contacts to the German Center for Research and Innovation, the German American Chamber of Commerce, the European American Chamber of Commcerce, the German Canadian Center for Innovation and Research, Embassies, and other entities and can help you make the right connections.

Job opportunities

We are happy to help you announce your job vacancies as well as other relevant information on our website.

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