Urban Planning, Public Health

Urban Planning and Public Health

November 3, 2014 at 6:30 pm, German House New York, 871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017

Urban environments and the planning processes that shape them are strong determinants of public health. By 2050, over two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities, yet we have only recently begun to understand how the design of our residential environment can prevent or promote health equality. Many cities face a triple threat: infectious diseases which thrive when people live in close proximity to one another; non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which are on the rise as unhealthy diets, lack of physical exercise, and tobacco use persist; crime, violence, and traffic accidents also pose a serious threat. Healthy cities demand intersectoral action as the quality of urban life is determined by a complex web of factors, such as education, health care,economic development, environmental sustainability, and transportation. On Monday, November 3, a panel of experts will address what interventions are needed in order to plan healthier cities. More.

Featured Speakers 

Prof. Dr. Susanne Moebus
Head of the Centre for Urban Epidemiology
Universität Duisburg-Essen

Dr. Karen Lee
Global Health + Built Environment
Consultant for the New York City Department of Health

Prof. David Tulloch
Associate Director
Grant F. Walton Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, Rutgers University


German Center for Research and Innovation

RSVP by October 30 by clicking here. Registration is required to attend. Seating is limited.


  Green Logistics

Green Logistics

December 11, 2014 at 6:30 pm, German House New York, 871 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017

Featured Speakers
Prof. Dr. Uwe Clausen, TU Dortmund University, Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics

German Center for Research and Innovation, Fraunhofer, DB Schenker

Event details will be posted soon.